Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Break Ahead!

What are you planning to do for spring break? I was hoping to get out of town for the weekend, however I am in a Saturday class this semester, and the professor decided to have class the Saturdays both before and after spring break week. (Our midterm, in fact, is the Saturday after spring break week. Whatever. )My husband recently began a new job and is not ready to take weekdays off. So, I won't be traveling very far for the break.

Here are my thoughts on planning for spring break:

1. If you aren't traveling to visit relatives or friends but want to get away, book hotels for the weekdays if you can. I am finding weekend rates to be a little too high.

2. Stay in town instead. Do the stay-cation. I never get to play tourist in my town and don't get around to visiting places I was looking forward to visiting when I moved to my town.

3. Take the time to plan out your research goals and do some recreational writing (if so inclined). I hope to do some research and creative book writing.

3. Catch up on work on the syllabus for the second half of the semester. With that entire week off, use some of it to get ahead on required writing assignments to make life less stressful when school gets back into session.

4. Apply for summer internships and scholarships if deadlines are still pending.

5. Plan for summer internships or look into possible summer travel and study abroad programs.

I'm the type of person that likes to have something planned, otherwise I spend time watching TV and can't decide what to do with the time. Preparing a list like this is going to be helpful here. I hope!

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