Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to the Multicultural Doctorate!

Welcome to The Multicultural Doctorate! I am April, the Multicultural Doctora in training. I live in Southern California, and am a PhD student.
For the most part in the United States, if you look around at the graduate school classmate demographics, ethnic and cultural diversity continues to be low. My goal is to be a support to women of color who wish for a graduate school education but don't quite know where to begin. The purpose of the blog is to be a resource for students of color who are pursuing graduate studies in university - from the women's perspective.
In 2009, the Council of Graduate Schools publication, Broadening Participation in Graduate Education (2009), reported that only 12% of students from underrepresented populations were enrolled in graduate programs. (1) The stats on women of color in academia are extremely low. As recently as 2007, the NEA reported that women of color working in faculty positions were at a national percentage of just 2%. (2)
With this blog I hope to serve as an encouragement for women of color to continue to seek further academic study. Not only this, but to find the capacity and resources to do well in school, locate scholarship and fellowship funding, and ultimately secure successful work in academia and other sectors.
Getting into a PhD program - with full funding - was not easy. It took me a few attempts but I finally got through. Here are the stories, resources, and useful tips I learned along the way!
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